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NDE Rescue

Release: 2016
Step right into the middle of a massive toxic gas leak that prompted the evacuation of a mysterious cryotech facility. Many employees are still stuck inside the premises; the toxic gas leaves only a few minutes to breathe before turning anyone into some sort of aggressive creature.
Uncover dozens of hazardous technical sites in which you will have between 2 and 5 minutes to cap the gas leaks.In your exploration, you will need to save those who are already in a coma. They are having a Near Death Experience and you are here to bring them back to life!
Mix your puzzle solving, strategy or/and fighting skills to complete the levels. Each level completion is rewarded by a maximum of 3 stars.Gather as many stars as possible to unlock new levels.
Keep track of time, so you don't catch the potent pathogen, more dangerous than Ebola!
Navigate through dozens of levels and rooms full of traps!
Become a Ghostbuster - use your own traps to block and capture the spirits.
Use your puzzle solving, strategy, and fighting skills to complete every level and rise to the bonus stage.
Rumor has it that scientists are conducting experiments on cryogenic deep sleep, hibernation, and near death experiences to prolong lives. FIND OUT! From the scale and effects of the disaster, it seems they're also developing biological warfare pathogens and WMD!
Isolate and quarantine contaminated rooms, but the biohazard means you must move FAST. Prevent the Pandemic! The first mission already went in. Open the door, shut off the electric fence, defeat the zombies and phantoms, and save the cryotech victims!
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