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Natural Soccer

Release: 2015
Award-winning retro arcade soccer game
inspired by Amiga classics like 'Kick Off 2' and 'Sensible Soccer'.

It's like Sensible Soccer but faster paced and more fun. Either alone, or with a friend, this game is hours of excitement and addiction. With the option of quick play, this game is already better than FIFA!

Staff Pick, Green Man Gaming
In my Opinion you've already achieved your goal of programming the best arcade soccer! I played most of them and not a single one comes even close to Natural Soccer!

Wongstyle, OUYA Forum
great job (...)! loved sensible soccer and love this too. bought it last week

Anthony Huczek, OUYA Forum
@NaturalSoccer Just picked the game up on discount. So happy I did! One of my fav games on Ouya thus far!!

Marshmallow Mark (@MarshmallowMark) March 29, 2014
@NaturalSoccer Bought my first game on the OUYA today. Which one? Natural Soccer, of course! #magic #ouya

Anders Døsen (@andersdosen) August 9, 2013
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