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Name The Song Quiz

Release: 2018
This is music knowledge contest. Rules are simple: you are presented with artist or band name and you have to guess name of the song. It is best to play with friends and family, up to 18 local players. You can use your favorite music from local drive. IMPORTANT: We do not provide any songs.

You can play in teams.

You need only one hand to play Name The Song Quiz, you can reach snacks or hold drink and play at the same time. There is no problem if you have limited number of gamepads, we got it covered! Two players can play games simultaneously using only one gamepad!

The game consists of 3 rounds:
In first round you have 6 songs to guess. The first who will apply to answer can win points. You choose answer from list of song names.
In second round you have shared list of 2 * N + 2 (where N is number of players) bands names. You choose what you will be guessing from this list. Number of choices shrinks. Everyone will answer twice.
In third round everyone are presented with choice of 4 bands names and one wildcard (that is worth more score). You pick one to be played, only you guess your pick.
For every correct answer you collect points. Number of points depends on how long you need to listen to song before answering.
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