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Release: 2018
You have been selected as Fractum Innovations’ next Virtual Network Defense Contractor (VNDC)! You have been chosen because you are a talented go-getter, ready to explore the next generation of block-chain computing technologies!

Your duties will include securing and maintaining the n0d3 network through a series of rigorous combat simulations including, but not limited to:

- Progress through a dynamic and self-paced story sequence. - Enter the memories of our greatest warriors as you learn of the events that lead to the creation of the Exodus simulation!

- Assassination - High Priority targets are in the area! Join your friends and compete against AI or player enemies as you attempt to neutralize the target.

- Assault - Enter a dark zone and attempt to remove the infection plaguing the area.

- Battle Royale - 100 players enter, but only one group will come out alive. Enter the F.E.V.E.R. dome and fight for honor, glory, and cool clothes!

- Capture The Core - Capture the enemies core and return it to your base!

- Conquest - Multiple hills, multiple teams, lots of AI. How long can you survive in this extended duration game mode?

- Deathmatch - Classic slayer. Join your friends or enter an all out free for all in a brutal bloodbath

- Escape - Escape capture from your enemies. Simulations include free for all and team based settings.

- Exodus - Persistent gameplay among the remains of a city of the dead. Build, loot and survive in a never ending nightmare!

- Firefight - Three random objectives in a large battlefield. Join your friends in a race to beat the timer!

- Forge - Define your experience and create your own adventures to share with your friends!

- Gun Game - Be the first to get a kill with every weapon!

- Hostage Rescue - A V.I.P. has been taken prisoner! Join your friends and fight players or AI in a race to save the hostage!

- Infection - Be the last man standing as patient zero cuts a swath through the living!

- King of The Hill - Capture and hold the hill until you have reached the maximum amount of points!

- Sabotage - Plant the bomb at bombsite A or bombsite B or defend your sites with your life!

- Zombies - The nightmare continues as you and your friends attempt to survive for as long as possible in a land of the dead!

- Simulations are constantly becoming more complex and dynamic. Please be prepared for the likely integration of newer and more challenging simulations.

As a VNDC you will be given access to numerous exclusive features built within the Oculus' framework. Features are being continually improved upon and more features are still being integrated, but the current feature set includes:

- Advanced Locomotion System - Move freely throughout the battlefield with a set of dynamic locomotion actions!
- Wall Running
- Climbing
- Cover
- Sliding
- Crouch/Prone
- More coming soon
- Building System
- Consumables
- Inventory System
- Modular Armor System
- Ranking System
- Kill Streak System
- Perk System
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