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Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars

Release: 2012
Napoleonic Wars is a multiplayer DLC (expansion pack) for Mount & Blade: Warband featuring the last years of the Napoleonic Wars. Experience the thrill of Napoleonic warfare first hand and take part in the invasion of Russia or fight the French at Waterloo from the front line! Side with one of the five supreme European powers from the era and choose from and more than 220 unique units to play. Fight on the battlefields of one of the most accurate and detailed Napoleonic war games ever!

Accurate early 19th century weapons, uniforms and environments.
Massive multiplayer battles with up to 250 players.
Five nations with more than 220 unique units to choose from.
A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing cannonballs, canister or explosive shells, all fully controllable by players.
Destructible environments. Players can use a range of artillery and explosives to destroy various buildings, bridges and other structures.
Finely crafted game balance insuring player skill is the hero of the battlefield, not the gun or the sword.
Construct barricades, dig trenches, and rig explosives with the multi-purpose Engineer class.
Special musician units with drums, fifes, bagpipes or trumpets; able to play historically accurate tunes. All recorded and played by award winning musicians.
More than 40 classical background music tracks.
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