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Monsters' Den: Godfall

Release: 2017
Monsters’ Den: Godfall is a new downloadable game for Windows and Mac, larger in scope and richer in content than ever before.

A turn-based role playing game focused on dungeon crawling and advancement.
Found and manage a Mercenary Company. Maintain a roster of heroes, upgrade your keep and adopt doctrines for universal bonuses.
Take direct control of a party of up to four adventurers to lead on missions.
Battle groups of enemies in turn-based tactical combat.
Procedurally generated dungeons, loot and missions.
Overland travel- visit new cities and dungeons, search ruins and find hidden places of interest.
Improved character advancement means increased freedom to personalize your team of heroes.
Hundreds of unique items that can be customized with enchantments.
More than 100 enemy types, each with unique skills requiring different tactical approaches.
Random dungeon modifiers add new wrinkles to each mission.
Story missions uncover the mysteries of the Godfall.
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