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miniLAW: Ministry of Law

Release: 2016
In miniLAW, you take the role of a Constable, an elite officer of the Ministry of Law.
Roam the dystopian future city of New Babel, Mankind's Last Hope, in search of crimes in progress.

Use lethal weapons, non-lethal force, and diplomacy to take down bad guys.

Successfully apprehending criminal elements grants you Requisition Points that you may use to purchase gear or upgrade modules from your superiors at miniFACT to improve the various abilities of the powered exo-frame bolted to your skeleton. Overclock your various combat abilities to perform superhuman feats as a matter of course.

miniLAW is currently in Early Access, meaning it is still in development. This will give us an opportunity to continue establishing various faction based interactions and quest chains, and build up a variety of differentiated locations to represent the breadth of New Babel in preparation for a fuller, story based campaign: a longer, more brutal game that will test your wits and reflexes and strain your arm servos!
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