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Mighty Fling

Release: 2020
Can You Conquer The Tower?
In Mighty Fling one must take control of a ball and fling it over platforms, slopes, and other obstacles. Despite interacting with intriguing creatures while climbing The Tower, the challenger is on his own. Every problem in this game has one simple solution, click and drag on the screen and proceed upwards.

Can You Conquer Yourself?
Falling is a crucial part of the experience, so make every fling count. Test the limits of your will and patience, as you master every next platform that is on your way. In time, you will find out that flings that were difficult before are easier now.


Simple Controls: Click and drag anywhere on the screen in order to fling the ball.
Auto-saving: Be precise about your flings, as they cannot be redone.
Challenging: Flinging might prove to be more difficult than you expect. Twice the climb, double the fall!
Variety: Some obstacles might require more than just precision and timing.
Aesthetics: Beautiful Pixel Art scenery with dynamic lighting.
Music: An epic orchestral score and ambiance to accompany your journey.
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