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Midsummer Night

Release: 2020
Waking up after a nap one warm July afternoon, Klim finds out that his sister Alionushka has left the house earlier. He goes looking for her, with an aim to visit the great festival of Midsummer together later that day. However, an unexpected event changes everything...

Please note that this is a re-release. Check that you don't have the game in your Library before purchase.

"Midsummer Night" warmly welcomes you with:

An incredibly deep atmosphere of the dense, Slavic forests;
Stunningly beautiful soundtracks, which may send goosebumps down your spine;
A surprisingly elegant sunset forest;
Fascinating narrative, in which reality and fairy tale are intertwined;
Measured and secluded gameplay, interspersed with neat arcade elements and quests;
More than 17 game locations, some of which may be walked through in a number of ways;
Colorful characters of Russian folk tales.
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