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Release: 2018
Using your jetpack and frictionless boots, launch high-speed airborne assaults, expertly dodge enemy fire, and soar from hilltop to hilltop. Free yourself from the ground or become a quick frag for your opponent. Movement in Midair is an art. It’s a flow. It’s a learned, practiced skill that when you know it… you just feel it.

Your jetpack will help you gain a height on your enemies so you can rain down death from above, get to that hard-to-reach sniper perch, or navigate buildings quickly and efficiently. In addition, the jetpack jets can be used to dodge or make adjustments while trying to ski down that next hill. Initiate your jetpack and use your movement keys to change your jets from pushing upward to pushing horizontally.

The jetpack draws from your armor’s energy pool, so strategically manage your use of the jetpack and energy-based weapons to ensure your battle advantage. Depending on the situation, adjust your jetpack from pushing you upward to giving more maneuvering power. Veteran players know how to manage their jets and energy by instinct.

By turning on your frictionless boots, you can ski down surfaces to gain speed. With a little planning and a good dose of maneuverability you can build up speed and momentum to get across the map quick. This is especially useful for running the enemy flag or getting to a far-away fight.
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