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Melody's Escape

Release: 2016
Melody's Escape is a runner/rhythm PC game with gameplay synchronized to your own music library! (MP3s, WMAs, iTunes, FLAC, etc.)

When you're running outside with a portable music player blasting music through your headphones, have you ever felt a sudden burst of energy when a specific part of a song started playing?

In Melody's Escape, advanced audio detection algorithms transcribes the energy that you feel when listening to music and synchronizes that experience with the game.
It will adapt in real-time to the intensity of the music and change the movement mode accordingly, from walking during very slow calm parts up to all-out flying when your music explodes!

Melody's Escape features 4 different intensity movement modes, each with their own obstacles:
Your goal is the help Melody avoid obstacles and collect floating orbs (all of which are in sync with the beats of the music, thanks to powerful BPM/tempo detection) by pressing buttons in rhythm. Depending on your own personnal preferences, you can choose to have a relaxing experience or a very intense one thanks to 3 difficulty settings:
Relaxing - Each intensity movement mode requires the same button/key press for all obstacles; a relaxing way to enjoy your music.
Normal - The type of obstacles (and associated color input) depends on the musical key of each specific beat.
Intense - The complete gameplay experience, keeping you on your toes! :)
Melody's Escape also has a strong focus on voices and long held notes (wether it's violin or dubstep wub-wubs), giving you the opportunity to slide alongside the voice while it is held in the song. This makes playing on beautiful songs even more enthralling!

Don't forget to check the F.A.Q. if you are interested in additional infos and specific points about the game.
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