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Magic Potion Destroyer

Release: 2017
This is a strategic escape game. Use “Mana Reinforcement” and “Magic Potions” to power Claudia up and make your way through the 30 stages of the witch’s mansion to escape to freedom. There are five possible endings to the game, each of which requires specific conditions to be filled. Will you be able to make it out of the mansion safely and achieve the best ending possible?!
Consumes MP obtained by defeating enemies and enhances various character statuses
Pay close attention to the state of battle and utilize the most effective power-ups.
The “Magic Potions” described below can be used to dramatically increase these effects.
Claudia must fulfill various conditions to regain her memories, which allow her to use “Magic Potions” in accordance with said memories.
Effects include everything from those which increase the effects of status enhancers, to those which give Claudia the ability to unleash special attacks.
Additionally, decoding the regained memories will also allow you to figure out what exactly is behind Claudia’s predicament and her dramatic escape.
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