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Release: 2017
A fast, frantic four-player flurry of fur! Lupinball is a 2-4 player arcade deathmatch about shooting magic fireballs at your foes, and being the last one standing!

Power up and blast your foes in their fuzzy faces, but here's the key: fireballs forever zoom around the arena, bouncing off walls and speeding up over time. The arena gets insanely chaotic in seconds, as everyone shoots more and more and MORE fireballs! Last wolf standing wins. Which fluffy fighter will be the survivor among the chaos?
Power up, then smash your enemies in the face with magic fireballs! As wolves!
Local and online multiplayer, with full Steamworks integration! Build up wins and earn a place on the Leaderboard!
Use a shield that reflects enemy shots and stuns enemy wolves, adding further depth and strategy!
Every stage is an absurd theme that affects the gameplay, such as the inside of a foosball table, a farm with gale-force winds, or a warehouse with pits of fire!
Break open item crates! You can block everyone else from powering up, teleport around the map, or even flip the screen upside down!
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