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Love Live! School Idol Festival

Release: 2013
The game lets players to experience two gameplay modes, Story and Live, as all nine members of the idol group μ's and Aqours.[b] Players acquire a score in the rhythm "Live" mode, in which they tap circles at the proper time in order to receive a high score that can be placed on the leader board. These songs are divided into 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. Another difficulty called "Master" features time-limited songs with a new rhythm icon type where players had to swipe their finger on the screen. The songs available in rhythm mode are songs that are already released.

In story mode, players work as μ's' and Aqours' helper and manage their training and schedule. The mode is full-voiced with all of the idols' respective voice actresses. The players interacts with the girls as they live their lives as school idols.

Players can make a formation of 9-person unit. The girls in the formation are called "Members." Players are able to acquire new cards by doing Lives or scouting through "student scouting." Two same cards can be combined and they will be "idolized." Idolizing a member will unlock a side story and a reward. "Practicing" Members to another Member will level her up. It can also increase their skill level and score point. New cards are added every time an in-game event has ended.[c]

Members cards are divided into 5 rarities: N (normal), R (rare), SR (super rare), SSR (special super rare), and UR (ultra rare). Each rarity, except N rarity, have a different leader skill (passive) and an active skill that could increase Lives scores. Cards and songs are divided into attributes that represent each cards' idol type: Smile, Cool, and Pure. Using the same attribute Members to do a Live will give the player a higher score.

Rather μ's and Aqours, newly introduced girls are featured in the N rarity cards. There are 63 girls; each 9 girls represent 6 different schools: Seiran High School, Chitose Bridge High School, Shinonome Institute, Tooh Academy, Shion Women Institute, and Y.G. International Academy. These girls are not voiced, but Emma, Kanata Konoe, and Shizuku Ōsaka are promoted to become a part of Perfect Dream Project and are given voice actresses.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Love Live! School Idol Festival,!_School_Idol_Festival, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0,
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