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Late For Work

Release: 2017
In Late For Work, one player is a giant gorilla doing gorilla things. Up to 4 other players try to take down the gorilla in an epic local multiplayer VR party game. Work together to bring down the monster of immeasurable strength. Or run for your dear life. It’s an intense party game for your living room.

The game brings VR and non-VR players together into a shared experience. Swap out in-between rounds and see who can earn ultimate banana bragging rights in this crazy free for all.


Fast-paced intense rounds. Take turns under the headset. Plot your next takedown.
Local multiplayer party game: a great way to include all your friends in a VR experience.
Fun, over-the-top physics where every object is a potential weapon and shield.

Playable Game Modes

Classic Deathmatch - VR gorilla vs tanks and jets.
Hide & Seek - Your work items have been stolen! Find them before time runs out.
Last Man Standing - Find all the hidden enemies, but watch out for special disguises.
Bull Run - Normal cows, rebel cows, but which is which?
UFO Invaders - Protect your citizens and cattle from being abducted by aliens.
Bodyguard - Identify all hidden spies before they take out your VIPs.
Ape Escape: small-sized gorilla must evade capture from mad scientists with oversized nets.
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