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Release: 2017
Experience an indie game like never before! No other indie game can offer such an immerse PvE rich content oriented game out on an ever rocking ocean. Where players can build and tow their homes. Tow trade barges between other towns. Discover carnivorous islands formed by algae and roots. When you buy Landless, you are investing in a great idea. Our consistent update history and hard work ethics will put you at ease knowing you made the right investment and that your investment will succeed!


Fight 2 different pirate factions as you try maintain a semblance of peace out in the rough waters. Collect human waste from dead corpses that can be used for gunpowder or farming.


Build yourself a sturdy home with a shark skin bed. Tow it to your next point of interest. Place interesting and useful furniture in your home that will further enhance your gameplay such as planter boxes for farming or chests for storage.


Once you have adequate protection. Venture out far across the sea and discover trading merchants and peaceful villagers. Explore derelict container ships or chop wood from carnivorous islands.
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