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Karradash - The Lost Dungeons

Release: 2017
Karradash - The Lost Dungeons is an endless action-roguelike. Set in the same universe as the "Mazes of Karradash" series, this RPG draws inspiration from classic 80's and 90's games.


- Highly-customizable characters: roll your stats, pick skills and select your classes from a pool of 16
- Randomly-generated dungeons
- Different types of dungeons with different settings and features
- Random events between levels: you can meet merchants, blacksmiths or make some deals with orcs and goblins...
- Permadeath. Die once, die forever. But don't worry: your next character will be stronger...
- Collect gold and use it to improve your village to enhance attributes and equipment of future characters
- More than 70 active and passive skills
- No in-game purchases: you can't buy diamonds, gold, stars and stuff like that. Just buy the game once and use your own skills to play it. Old-school!
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