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Immortal Redneck

Release: 2017
Unleash the power of the Gods in this egyptian FPS Roguelite!
Lost. Furious. Immortal!


Featuring 50+ weapons. Firearms, magical, mythological, futuristic or just weird weapons. You name it, Immortal Redneck has it. Even a Potato Launcher, because why the hell not.

Freeze your enemies with the Tranquilizer Gun, Use the Farsight to kill them behind walls, Turn them into allies with the Wololo Staff, Or just kill everyone using the SFG 9000.

Combine your weapons with over 100 perks. Drain life from your enemies, gain gold with every critic you make, improve your aim, poison the minions with your shots or even turn them into chickens.


Offer your gold to the Gods in order to upgrade your skills and literally grow the Tree of Life. Unlock new classes, abilities and weapons, improve your stats or discover new ways to get to the top of the pyramids. The Literal Skill Tree has it all.

Evolve your character by playing, every time you start a game you get a little stronger. Never go back to square one.


Explore the procedural layouts of the pyramids and admire the beautifully handcrafted rooms.

Discover different environments in each pyramid. What will hold the third pyramid? Be ready for surprises.

Look out for the special rooms, avoid traps, receive gifts from the Gods or defy the huge Bosses.

Gain the favor of the Gods, each one will grant you a special set of weapons and unique abilities. Embrace each God mechanics in order to adapt to every situation inside the pyramids.
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