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Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Release: 2016
Do you like hotdogs? How about horseshoes? Hand grenades? (everyone likes hand grenades) Anyway, we've got all that, and guns. So if you like cooking, lawn games, and ordnance, this is the VR sandbox game for you.

Hot dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is a lazy Sunday trip over to your friends house… if your friend was a retired gun-nut with a warehouse full of toys, a few irritating robot pets, and a bizarre obsession with meat. Head on over to the firing range and learn to operate an arsenal full of firearms. Customize your perfect preposterous tacti-cool arsenal. Compete in structured challenges with global leaderboards. Blast apart meaty bots and then chill out on the range setting off fireworks. Or have some friends over and take turns throwing everything from horseshoes to explosives while making an ass of yourself!

H3VR(for short), is the heaping pile of our mad obsessive VR experiments. This is very much an impressionistically developed experience, so expect it to mutate, expand, contract, somersault, and occasionally explode along the way to final release.

Key Features:

Roomscale VR Experience designed for the HTC Vive.
Games and experiments across various genres and degrees of structure.
Multiple shooting and demolitions ranges from realist to fantastical.
Timed challenges with global leaderboards.
Over 250!!! accurate simulations of historical, modern and futuristic weapons.
Mini-games and challenges that are great for Hot-Headset play with friends!
A surreal irreverent vision of the future United States of ‘Murica.
And whatever other madness we see fit to add!
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