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Release: 2016
HoCWar – it is a game that recreates atmosphere of World War II in the best traditions of intellectual collectible card games. The outcome of each battle depends on intelligence, ability to study, strategic thinking and some luck. The game combines concepts of card game and strategic gameplay.
We will not develop your reflexes: game is designed for people, who can and love to think.
This game is for people, who seek to develop strategic and tactical skills and abilities; to increase interest in history; to revival healthy spiritual and moral values, tribute to the memory of ancestors, love for the homeland.
Dual-mode format There are two kinds of field in the game: simple – for beginners and difficult – for those who like long and tense battles.
Special rare cards (transitive). You can’t buy them: you can win them in the battle with your opponent. If player will play special cards and will be defeated, cards get to the enemy.
Fog of war. Battlefield cells have got property of visibility. Each player can see his set of cells. If you play Operation cards with action “Intelligence” or you apply unit ability “Intelligence”, you will make cells visible.
Character development. There is a unique system of developing character and creating of decks in the game. Gamer has 25 cards in his deck on the first level, with each subsequent level gamer has an opportunity to add more 3 cards. There are 5 levels of development, maximum quantity of cards in deck – 35.
Game has no system Pay–To–Win. In-game purchases didn’t destroy the balance and don’t give substantial advantage to gamers. Skill and strategy have far more impact on the game.
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