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Hand of Fate

Release: 2015
Beyond the thirteen gates at the end of the world, the game of life and death is played. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate.
Hand of Fate Combines the strategic decisions of deck-building with the choice and consequence of a rogue-like and the intense combat of an action RPG, all overseen by the Dealer, the mysterious and charismatic game master daring you to challenge him.
An infinitely replayable series of quests - earn new cards, build your deck, then try to defeat it!


Tabletop card game brought to vivid life
A unique take on roguelike gameplay
Visceral action-RPG combat
Game changing gear and items make every play through unique
Hundres of encounters, items, armor, weapons, artifacts, and mysteries to unlock
Unique deck building mechanics let you customise your own adventure, as you seek to defeat the Jack, Queen and King of each suit
Over 1.9 million downloads across PC, Xbox One and PS4
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