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Release: 2018
gridCrack VR is a trip through cyberspace plunging you right into the living internet, using the structure of live web pages to generate gameplay focused on saving The Grid - our new shared digital experience. Today it is under attack by governments, criminal organizations and corporations bent on warping The Grid for their own dark purposes. Work alongside white hat hacktivists who have a plan to keep The Grid free and open forever IF we act fast to stem the tide of opportunists unleashing malicious code on a multitude of hosts. Visit glittering cyber versions of real world cities and defend/secure the real websites that are hosted there.

Each of your hands can equip a piece of software from a library of combat, utility and navigation apps that enable control of the virtual environment. Developed by the GridGuardians, these bleeding edge tools give you an edge in cyberspace where every nanosecond counts when a system is on the brink of collapse. Virtual motorcycles, glowing swords, retractable claws, guns(pew!), music makers, and laser whips await in your software menu - available at any time with a quick button press.

Travel without constraint through 50+ cyber-ified cities like Nairobi, Vancouver, Amsterdam & Las Vegas and feel the music of HOME + BitBurner as it drives visual elements all around you. Rid these local systems of malicious actors and the malware they use to infect systems for their selfish gain. Explore every alleyway and skyscraper together with people on your friends list (or total randos!) using our innovative cooperative multiplayer system that tie players together based on the city they're in.

Unlock the secrets of The Grid by solving abstract puzzles generated from the sites you're tasked to defend. Build optimized mesh networks throughout a city by connecting nodes in the correct order, giving cyber-cities enhanced connectivity that lessen dependence on greedy providers. Research technical topics using a combination of our custom browser integration and the wealth of knowledge that is Wikipedia, then pick up some linux-fu using the embedded gridIX virtual machine loaded with command-line side quests.

You gotta fight for your rights online, it's game over for the corps and govs that try to run our lives - the PEOPLE of The Grid are taking it all back!
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