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Release: 2019
In the Gallery of Refined Gravity, my pupils have to use their gravity-shooting glove to experience my brilliant artistic works. If they want to live, they need to not be stupid. They get to control gravity fields, interact with cubes, put the cubes IN the gravity fields, and sometimes die since there are occasionally death beams.

Create Gravity Fields with my super fancy Gravity Glove, and then... I don't know, use them to jump longer or something.

Demonstrate partial dominance over the known universe by using gravity to move skillfully through my pieces. You must cooperate with cubes to progress, for they bow to no one.

Cross the gorgeous oceans of death by leeching off the strength of a superior object.

Break that crazy expensive glass that I just acquired. This is why we can't have nice things, bad juju.

Open doors with your face, since apparently things just STAY BROKEN around here.
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