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Release: 2020
Gravinoid is a tactical sci-fi VR action throwing game.

"The year is 3154. You - clone 7235, human unit - have been honored to complete all challenges that will ascend you into the GEN-Array. Ascension, the ultimate destiny for all inferior human clones!"

Step up and prove that you are worthy..."

Using destruction by throwing and survival by shielding you will have to work your way through challenges that can be played on normal, hard and extreme mode. Collect credits to upgrade your GEN-Tek device parts. Earn skill points by completing challenge targets and spend them to upgrade yourself using perks in the workshop bio-pod.

Work your way up towards the ascension room where your ultimate test awaits!

Physically-based rendering techniques and advanced physics will give you an amazing immersive experience!

Gravinoid is the first chapter in the 'Chronicles of Ayden' saga, set in a dystopic future where humanity is falling and AI is prevailing.

"All praise to the GEN-Array!"
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