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Gods of the Fallen Land

Release: 2017
Gods of the Fallen Land is an action-strategy game centered around base building and villager management.

Take on the role of a leader trying to rebuild humanity in a broken and dangerous world. The area layout changes with each play through and your villagers are randomly generated, with their own names, appearances, and traits. Build your defenses and keep your followers safe through the night, while collecting and managing your resources during the day to face the ever growing threats. Lead your followers into battle and make strategic decisions on what to develop and build to survive.

Take lead, manage your village, and prepare your defenses as you fight to survive against the terrors of the night.


Procedural map with a different layout every game you play
Multiple map types with unique enemies and weather
An upgrade tree system allowing you to specialize your strategy
Multiple playable characters with their own unique abilities, upgrades, and buildings
Standard mode in which you progress towards an ending while fighting stronger enemies.
Endless mode which tests the limits of how long you can survive.
Randomized item drops from enemies and world objects allow for unique strategies and opportunities
Level up your leader to unlock new skills to support your followers or directly attack enemies
Assign your followers to various jobs such as gatherers, builders, soldiers, archers, priests and more to have them carry out different duties.
Traits give followers unique quirks, allowing them to excel at certain roles.
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