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Goblin Jargon

Release: 2020
This is a point-and-click elimination, anime and beautiful girl game. You are welcome to come to a different world. Please go to the Nether Tower and seek the help of the elves and sisters to leave here.
Game features:
1. The Nether Demon Tower currently has only 10 floors, and each floor has a unique world exclusive to Miss Fairy.
2. There are currently 10 fairy CGs.
3. There are different mission conditions at different levels in the game. Only after completing the mission can you win the help of Miss Sister.
4. Triggering more than three elements of the same color can be eliminated.
5. Skill blocks will be accumulated after successful elimination, and different props will be randomly generated
6. The game countdown is 60S per round, and the task conditions must be reached before the countdown is completed.
7. Successfully get 10 fairy elder sisters, you can leave the other world, maybe the younger sisters will follow you and leave
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