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Gladio and Glory

Release: 2021
If you are in for a burst of fun or searching for something that needs skills, this is what you have been waiting for, all this time.

G&G is a physics based game that allows you to experience what a true gladiator fight felt like where every hit can be lethal.

Unlock unique armor that will increase your power, revealing new ways of executing opponents.
Battle and win small duels or huge brawls in different arenas increasing your Glory.

Giggle when ragdolls do funny things and create your content in sandbox. Why not trying a 50 vs 50.
WARNING: You thought you were good at games ? Think twice, this is actually difficult.
If you're skilled, you can execute in one hit and so can your opponents as-well. Misjudging a fight or not reacting fast enough can result in your head spinning away from your body, losing the Glory you've collected and starting all over again.
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