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GemCraft - Chasing Shadows

Release: 2015

Create and combine powerful gems with towers, and use them in intricate ways to defend yourself against endless waves of monsters. Fight your way through an epic story, unfolding mysteries and facing sinister enemies and artifacts to entrap the Forgotten.


This game was released in April 2015 on Steam.


More than 190 Stages to Explore.
25 passive skills you can obtain and spend skill points on; every time you level up, you get more skill points to spend, but even unspent points help you by giving mana at the start of battles.
More than 400 achievements that give you additional skill points, and a real challenge if you want to get them all.
9 gem types you can freely combine to make gems that suit your tactical needs.
Find talisman fragments you can socket into your talisman for a wide variety of battle bonuses.
Stop the battle any time or speed it up to 9x speed, play the way you like; manage your gems if you have to, or fast forward if you feel confident.
After winning a battle, you can continue in Endurance mode - defend yourself and hold on as long as you can with a chance for additional XP and loot.
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