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Gates of Avalon

Release: 2018
Awaken in the mystical Isles of Avalon, a fantasy world steeped in Arthurian mythos. Explore and discover its secrets as you meet a diverse range of characters. Uncover the mystery of a dark and growing menace as you seek the key to the Gates of Avalon.
This is the first module in the Avalon series, a Gates Game Adventure.

Immerse yourself in an expansive world of rich and vibrant visuals and sounds, traveling by land, water, air and magic.

Meet and make friends with the peaceful denizens of Avalon, learning their story along the way. Battle dozens of different foes, natural and unnatural, as you make your way into increasingly dangerous areas. Your intelligent and playful pet will accompany you and provide help with its magical powers.

Complete over 20 quests to develop skills and acquire the resources needed in order to survive the final battle and reach the Gates of Avalon.

- First-person action RPG
- Adjustable combat difficulty based on real time D20 system
- Craft potions and recipes
- 3 mini-games
- 12+ hours of gameplay
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