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Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Release: 2015
First things first, there are many ways to enjoy FreeStyle 2, but mostly it will depend on what character so let’s start on what character you want to make.
If you already have some knowledge in basketball, you will easily understand.

1. Characters and Positions

There are 5 positions you can select and every position has a different specialty.

Center (C): Basketball is a sport where the shooting success rates are higher the closer you are to the ring;he center position is the most capable position in terms of taking control of the paint.

Power Forward (PF): With high stamina and an outstanding physique, the PF can play various pivotal roles in offense and defense.

Small Forward (SF): A versatile and active position. This position opens up various offensive chances for the team.

Point Guard (PG): This position is considered as the lead-off man who controls both offense and defense at the forefront.

Shooting Guard (SG): With an amazing natural sense in shooting the SG is the position who earns points with every shot.

2. Character Creation
After selecting a position, Please select the voice and specialty for your character.
Remember after the selections are made you may no longer make any changes to some categories unless you use a special item.

3. Game modes

GM Dime:
When you enter any channel after creating your character you will be prompted to try out the tutorials. I highly recommend that you clear all the tutorials so that you can learn how to play and get free items!

Team match mode: Most ballers play in this mode. 3 ballers form a team and match with another 3 man team.

Individual mode: I recommend this mode for beginners! 1 baller + 2 AI teammates make a team and match with another ballers AI team.

Tournament mode: This mode is for tournament event matches. Only the GM can make a room and match ballers.

Free match mode: Free match with 2, 4 or 6 player teams. Usually, many crews hold crew try outs in this mode.

VS Com mode : You can play a match against the AIs from around the world.(Single play mode)

4. Game play for new player

GM_Duke: Hey newbie, did you complete your tutorials?

Newbiew Baller: Um…

GM_Porky: I suggest you enter the “Individual Mode” if you think you are ready to play against other starting players.

GM Dime: Also, you can select AI members to join your team each have their own unique skills and techniques

Pro Tip: If you select the bunny icon, you can get paired with a special character AI!

5. Game control & Joypad

Newbie Baller: I want to play FS2 with my JoyPad!

GM Duke: Yes! You can use a Joypad to play Freestyle 2 and here is how.
After connecting the Joypad, go to [Config Joypad] menu. You can configure your Joypad and assign individual buttons!
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