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Release: 2014
Formicarium, a strategic simulation game, puts the complex ecosystem of ants in the palm of your hand.
Stealthy, ant-mimicking arachnids starving for prey. Parasitic wasps desperate to lay their eggs in your ant’s body. Mites that seek to infect and destroy the colony. These are only some of the dangers the hive will encounter.

It’s your job to keep the colony safe from harm--not so they merely survive, but so the species evolves and flourishes according to biological law.

Feisty scarab beetles that fight-back against becoming an ant protein source. Blind earthworms practically begging to be attacked and eaten by underground ants. These are but a taste of the resources your colony requires to have strength enough to make love, reproduce and prosper as a hive.

Formicarium is strongly inspired by the strategic mastery of Dwarf Fortress and the immersive simulation of SimCity. If you’re drawn to complex, beautiful games, Formicarium is being created precisely for you.
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