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Release: 2017
Flairtender is a virtual reality bartending game that has you mixing drinks with style! Start off small making a few simple cocktails, and in no time you'll be a master mixologist. Your drinks will be judged on speed, accuracy, and style, with better tips coming from better drinks! Use this cash to build up your bar and expand your repertoire. Create your own personal cocktails and add them to the game!


Over 60 recipes of IBA official cocktails, learn these drinks and apply your knowledge to real life!
Over 50 unlockable liquids, garnishes, glassware, and decor items!
Tend mode, where patrons will order new drinks and wander around you bar
Two locations, including a Tiki Bar!
Create custom cocktails and add them to the game, or disable cocktails you don't like
Practice at your own pace
Play custom .mp3 files for bar music
Low gravity mode, because why not?
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