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Flag N Frag

Release: 2016
Move your Fireteam across the map capturing (or "locking") flags, while attacking other players in hopes of unlocking and stealing theirs. Screwshot the Bullet Ball past enemy lines for a chance to backflip Cheat Coins out of your opponent's bouncing, bleeding head; then cash in your Cheat Coins for random powerups that have the potential to completely change the control over the map.
It's a monster mashup of game mechanics that promises chaotic fun for both single player and local couch competition.
Welcome to the Mega Sport. Welcome to Flag N Frag.


- Full Gamepad Support (1-4 Player)
- CPU/Bot Support
- Multiple Leagues (Pro/Mutant/Team Defence)
- 8 Selectable Fireteams (Including pink prisoners, red-helmeted reptiles, biting space burgers and rogue robots)
- 8 Selectable Maps
- 7 Difficulty Levels (Max power for TURBO)
- Day/Night Cycle (Fog of War)
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