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Firefighters 2014

Release: 2014
Finally, what firefighter simulation fans have been waiting on for a long time. Play and immerse yourself in the daily operations of a fire department: traffic accidents on the highway, fires in the city and in the countryside, subway derailments and much more!

Your squad members head out with you on your daily operations, putting out fires and helping you in dangerous situations. The new inventory system offers better control with easier handling. A dynamic backdrop with streets and squares filled with people and traffic. Cars swerve out of the way when you’re out on emergency operations and guarantee a quick arrival at the scene, no matter if it’s the fire truck, the turntable ladder vehicle or the ambulance. Don the uniform and face the danger!

Firefighters: The Simulation Game 2014
The long-awaited arrival for fans of firefighter simulations.
Experience the day-to-day life of the fire department exciting missions:
house fire
traffic accident
subway derailment
flooded basement
barn fire and much more!
Your squad goes on operations with you, putting out fires and helping the injured. Put out fires, cut people out of car wrecks, shore up houses, pump out basements, use hydrants, rescue the injured in Cities, industrial areas, beltways, rural areas with village and forest landscapes! Drive fire trucks, turntable ladder vehicles, ambulances, swap-body trucks and the auxiliary fire tenders!
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