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Fatal Wings

Release: 2020
Fatal wings is a classic top down space shoot ‘em. Playing as the last resistance fighters from the similian colony in planet Lithios against a brutal attack led by vernor’s forces .smash your enemies, buy your weapons and keep planet Lithios fortified and save from vernor’s evil Campaign

Key Features

Fast and intense gameplay, fighting off the worst vernor’s forces in a never-ending struggle for survival

Five challenge levels: Play and unlock five brutal levels

Collect your Golding points: collect golden points as much as you can from your enemy ashes

Buy your special weapons: Fatal Wings overs 4 special weapon buy them from the collected Golden points and use them wisely specially with enemy boss

Unlock 8 achievements: push your potentials to the edge and unlock 8 challenge achievements

Insane battles against epic bosses: Elevate your experience and Smash 3 enemy boo ships
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