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Far East War

Release: 2013
The Second Sino-Japanese War is part of the World War II, but this brutal war in Asia was, for a long time, forgotten by the world.
The war in Europe lasted six years, while the war in China lasted eight years.
Moreover, Chinese resistance against the invasion had already started since 1931, following the 918 Incident, also known as the Mukden Incident.
Decades of war and conflict led to thousands and millions of casualties within China, and the Chinese people persevered through a national crisis of unprecendented suffering.
We commemorate the warriors who sacrificed themselves for the nation, and express our gratitude to those foreign allies who rendered their assistance to China in the war.
"Company of Heroes: Far East War" is a modification for Company of Heroes, the product of years of work from many skilled modders from various countries and regions, who hold a great sense of historical responsibility.
This modification is centered around the 1937-1945 Second Sino-Japanese War, in which players can command a company to regiment-sized unit of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army or the Imperial Japanese Army in battle.
The mod pays close attention to detail to the depiction of unit formations, uniforms, weaponry, and equipment of the Chinese and Japanese armies of the period. Everything from rank insignias on an infantryman to the paint used on vehicles are made to be as historically accurate as possible.
Far East War supports multiplayer matches of up to 8 players, with various different strategic and tactical choices available.
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