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Release: 2017
Is a horizontal scroll strategy leisure arcade game, you just need to use the left and right button to control the direction of the spaceship!
You need to operate your spaceship to avoid asteroids, collect energy balls. Steam clouds and leaderboards supported, compete with your friends now!
# extremely simple operation:
You only need to control the mouse button to rotate the spaceship!
#8 unique spaceship:
There are 8 spaceships in the game waiting for our commander to unlock!
At the same time, the 8 ships also represent 8 unique costumes suits for our heroine!
Every time you unlock a ship, you can get one more chances to fly in one game!
# collocation skills:
Each spaceship in the game has only one of its own unique skills, and the five level waits for our commander to upgrade!
You may need several simple games to explore the role of each skill, after several games,you will get the sikll.
when your spaceship is damaged unfortunately, another spaceship can take over immediately!
At this point, you need to collect enough energy based on the different skills of different spaceships!
# competitive ranking:
You will compete with global players who collect the most energy and The highest scores were obtained in a single flight!
The game through the Steam leaderboards to overview the score!
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