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Eve of Destruction - REDUX VIETNAM

Release: 2017
Eve of Destruction is a First-Person-Shooter for PC about the Vietnam War era.
It is primarely concerned with teamplay in multiplayer mode.
Exaggerated depiction of violence has been deliberately omitted.
Landscapes, characters and their names are fictional.

8 languages in game:
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese

49 maps with different landscapes:
with dense jungle, huge ricefields, urban villages and cities
with day & nightmode and nightvision if needed
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196 different usable vehicles:
tanks, helicopters, jets, bombers, APC's, cars, bikes & bicycles,
trucks, boats, ships, stationary weapons, hovercraft and usable animals

64 different handweapons:
pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, MG, MP, knifes, grenades, antitank, Molotov Cocktail,
smokegrandes & flares, mines, traps, flashlight and much more

Singleplayer with 10 different modes:
Arcade, Combat, Tankbattle, Naval Combat, Dogfight, Sniper, Doorgunner, Racing, Basejump, Zombie

Multiplayer for 2- 128 players
and with 5 different modes:
Conquest, Search & Destroy, Hillfight, Teamdeathmatch, Deathmatch
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