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Emergency 2017

Release: 2016
3 campaigns with over 20 large scale operations
In EMERGENCY 2017 there are 3 campaigns with different topics. The campaign from EMERGENCY 5, the Black Death campaign from EMERGENCY 2016 and the terror campaign from EMERGENCY 2017 are all included. There are more than 20 large scale operations and over 20 mini events plus many freeplay events.

4 large playable Maps
In EMERGENCY 2017 there are the maps Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. You can also play missions in the medieval maps of Hamburg and Cologne. Each city is modeled with attention to detail. All maps can be played in Freeplay- and Multiplay-Modes.

More than 20 different emergency vehicles
The player awaits many vehicles of the police departement, fire department, ambulance and technical forces. Play with the city guard, the black death doctor in the dark medieval times or chase pickpockets with the police dog.

New single and multiplayer modes
In the single-player mode are 3 campaign modes, challenge mode and the free game mode are available. For multiplayer rounds there is a co-op mode for up to four players on the Free Play cards but also special multiplayer events are available.

New graphical effects
The newly developed engine provides the best EMERGENCY graphics ever. Not a single byte, not a pixel was taken over by the predecessors!

Create own missions and maps with the World Builder
With the new World Builder, players can create their own maps and even working together on the same project online*.

*You need a server
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