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Dr Greenstuff

Release: 2018
Discover the life of Dr. Greenstuff, one of the greatest scientist specializing in drugs. In this game you will be taken to grow all the plants called "prohibited" such as cannabis, coka etc ... In order to set up your business.

* Sandbox
* Open world
* Realistic plants.
* Grow your plants where you want .
* Move and store your items as you wish.
* Decorate and arrange your own laboratory or apartment.
* Decode the recipes.
* Perform various quests.
* Improve your crops with fertilizers made by you.
* Perform quests for different NPCs.
* Sell, process or even cook your products.
* Many plants available (cannabis, coca, nettle, cacti and more ...).
* Realistic laboratory for the manufacture of meth.
* French youtubers lend their voices to the characters.
* Stay discreet and avoid the police.
* Unique and original experience.
* Become the neighborhood boss
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