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Don't Panic!

Release: 2017
Don't Panic! a logical strategy with top view. Your goal is to kill all the people on the level by limited number of zombies.
It will not be easy - you can just call the place the appearance of each zombie, and then they all do. Zombies are mindless, they just run on the smell of the nearest person. If they catch him - kill and run to the next.
With people things are not so simple. Someone running away from the zombies, someone immediately escapes from the city (if someone succeeds, you lose the game) and someone shoots them.
In addition, the gameplay variety of boosters, with the help of which you can break someone's arms, to turn him into a zombie, blow up, or crush a group of people.
The game also features a level editor with which you can create your own challenging strategic puzzle game and give play it your friends, or just to make a bunch of people and blow them up.
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