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Diesel Guns

Release: 2016
Diesel Guns is a mix of two absolutely different genres shooter and racing that are magically harmonised inside online car-shooter with a very dynamic fast-paced gameplay, intuitive controls designed to let player focus on gameplay and tons of features that players can use in battle!


The game mechanics combines drive and fun of car combat and balance of classic shooter games.

Easy car and weapon control allow you to concentrate your attention to gameplay.

The supply of vehicles and weapons is the following: 6 main types of weapons, 4 special weapons, 4 fire modes, possibility of combining landmines and various vehicle classes with unique specifications and capabilities. All of this will help you uncover your tactical potential and find your own playing style.

Diverse and eye-catching battle arenas are here too. Every location is like a sandbox designed in a certain setting and unlimited either by time or a place.
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