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Dead Army - Radio Frequency

Release: 2016
Dead Army is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game where the player takes control of an army of zombies. The player will be able to command each and every zombie in order to create the best strategy to raze military bases, villages and small towns. Given that controlling zombies is a feature, the player will also be able to increase its undead army through human infection. In the multiplayer mode players will be able to choose between zombies or law enforcers in a battle for the supremacy of a region.



Initial levels that works as a tutorial
New types of soldiers and enemies gradually appear throughout the game
Tactical objectives where the player will have to go beyond devastating its opponent
New features at every level revealing both human and zombie units – each with its new abilities


Individual control and selection of each unit
Group control and selection through keyboard mapping
Squad control and selection by unit type (zombie-ballistae, zombie-warrior, etc)
HP bar display for both ally and enemy units
New units that are more killed and lethal at each level
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