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Dark Rising

Release: 2017
Dark Rising is a tower defense game for anyone who's looking for a more in-depth approach to the ever popular genre. It strives to mix real-time strategy and role playing games all into one universe without losing sight of the tried and true tower defense format. Each genre offers unique and interesting scenarios, however, when mixed together they can offer something truly special.
So what can you expect from Dark Rising? Waves and waves of zombies, ghosts, and deadly spiders attacking your castle. However, it's your choice how to defend yourself. You could stick with building outposts and towers. Sturdy defenses might do the trick. Or maybe you would prefer training up an army of adventurers who are willing to fight and die for your cause. The choice is up to you.

-Equip soldiers with weapons and armor.
-Soldiers gain experience while fighting.
-Simple resource management: balance population, food, and water in order to train more soldiers.
-Customize your castle in adventure mode.
-Undead zombies, spooky ghosts, lava golems, giant spiders and more.
-Full game will have around 10 adventure levels of increasing difficulty.
-Endless survival mode.
-Online leader-boards

The game will feature two different modes of play, "Adventure" and "Survival". In adventure mode you will progress through various levels of increasing difficulty. In between these levels you will be able to customize and upgrade your castle. This will allow you to tailor everything to your play style. The upgrades will be permanent, so best to choose wisely. Survival mode will be more traditional, last as long as you can against a never ending hoard. The longer you survive, the higher your score.
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