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Release: 2018
Cybrus is a survival gauntlet in which you face off against an ever-changing dungeon enhanced by magic and technology, build rivalries and crush your enemies. All this for the chance at a life-changing payout, will you survive?

- Cybrus is a challenging retro-futuristic shooter with a unique style and fresh gameplay, in a land where magic meets technology both must be mastered to survive. Find powerful items both arcane and technological to defeat the dungeon.

- Featured on the Fresh Games section of itch io
- In the top 100 most popular games on itch io (Last checked 9th of August 2018)
- #1 in three categories on itch io

- Countless hours of engaging experiences!
- Millions of possible dungeons!
- Masses of items to be claimed from the depths!
- Amazing performance for maximum enjoyment!
- A fully procedural boss system, the game remembers you!
- Many secrets to discover!
- Multiple paths!
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