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Crucial Throw

Release: 2018
Crucial Throw is a 2D sports platformer where athletes from across the galaxy compete in high speed competition. Choose from seven unique competitors, as they battle to resolve age old conflicts. Each playable character has unique stats and skills that must be utilized to secure victory.

Grab the ball and use it to destroy your opponents goals. Dashing into enemies steals the ball and causes a brief stun. Score by destroying all three of your opponents goals. Every time a player scores the speed of the game increases.


Fast paced skill based local multiplayer for 2 or 4 players
7 playable characters. Find your preferred playstyle by experimenting with unique speed, agility, jump, grab, dash, fastfall and gravity values
5 maps to master
Use trampolines and launchers to outmaneuver your opponents and go fast
Stun, Dash, Throw, and Shield power-ups spawn throughout matches. Grab them quickly to gain the upper hand
Funky, head bobbing beats by the one and only Flavours
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