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Cops N Robbers

Release: 2018
Cops N Robbers (FPS): 3D Pixel is one of 3D multiplayer shooting games developed by JoyDo Entertainment. If you are fond of multiplayer games, if you wanna download free games, if you want to have extraordinary jail break experience through FPS games and battle games…That's it!

Warfare is ubiquitous! Pick up your gun to shoot and strike enemies and try best to survive! Download it and battle now! Fighting with friends all around the world now!

- Multiplayer support.
- Sky & Environment effect setting.
- Detail effects: bullet holes & spark effect…
- Chat System in game: team chat or all players chat. (With words filter)
- Weapon System (50+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…with great 3D pixel models & pixel textures! You also can customize your dream weapon by yourself!
- Skin System (40 + skins), especially a skin editor is provided... draw your customized skin in game, now you look epic.
- Armor System: classic cops and robbers style armors, also customizing personalized armors is available.
- Maps (20 + system maps & endless custom maps created by players.)
- Game Mode: Stronghold Mode & Team Mode & Death Match Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode & Hide And Seek Mode.
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