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Control Craft 3

Release: 2016
Control Craft 3 is a fast paced RTS, which brings quick thinking and clever tactics together for some planet conquering action.
Enhancing everything which made the original a hit, with stylish graphics and addictive game play, Control Craft 3 will keep you coming back for more.
Take command of your troops and lead them into battle. Send in wave after wave of your soldiers to overthrow the enemy colonies and occupy their bases.
Battle your way through challenging levels and upgrade your weapons. Combine your different attack units (light, heavy and flying) to out wit the enemy and claim the planet as yours.


- 48 Unique Levels
- Clever 2D Platform Level Design
- Stylish Graphics and Smooth Animations
- The Ability to Upgrade Your Firepower
- Hear the Troops React to Your Orders as You Direct Them
- Unlock Levels and Choose the Non-linear Path to Victory
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