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Contraptions Parkour

Release: 2018
Contraptions Parkour is a physics-based building game in which you build the most varied contraptions to solve the most diverse types of obstacles and puzzles. Win dozens of levels with different types of obstacles. Design the best contraption for each challenge using a giant collection of blocks with different functionalities.

Each level offers a unique challenge or a combination of challenges. These challenges can be physical obstacles such as ramps, walls, bridges, narrow passages, holes, etc. Or destructive obstacles like mines and explosive barrels, turrets and traps. Or even interactive obstacles like destructible parts, levers that modify the scenario opening doors, lowering bridges, etc.

For every challenge offered in the Contraptions Parkour levels, you can count on a gigantic collection of blocks with various types of features. Structural blocks to become the shape of your machine, wheels for the drive, motors to give life to your creation, in addition to several others such as, piston, rocket, grabber, hammer, decoupler, lever, etc. Only your imagination will be the limit.

Plan and build your ideal contraption for each challenge in an easy and intuitive way.

Current Features:

A set of building tools to construct yours contraptions.
40 different blocks, include wheels, motors, piston, spring, decoupler, grabber, steerable, linear stage, cannon, sword, etc.
30 test levels with different obstacles (obstacles like walls, bridges, ramps, land mines, explosive crates, etc).
1 sandbox level (a level more open with obstacles dispersed, ideal to test yours contraptions or just have fun).
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