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Release: 2019
CONTINUE is a fast-paced and challenging hack and slash, set in a chaotic computer world. Cut and explore your way through colorful world branches, inhabited by programs designed to fill their one purpose. Some of them may be cute and cuddly, but others may want to tear you apart. Prepare to take on all kinds of enemies and bosses, that put all of your skills to the test. All of this is reinforced by an electronic soundtrack, that pulls you into the energetic rhythm of the combat.

Will you have what it takes to overcome these challenges, or will you get deleted like many others before you?

Key features

Fast-paced melee combat that rewards skillful play
Variety of abilities & techniques to master
Challenging enemies and bosses
Innocent Triangle boys that don't challenge you in any way
Exploration in uniquely themed world branches
Secrets to discover
Energetic soundtrack
At least 1 dog-like character
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